Who We Are

For more information on those who are behind WHUWSC, see below. If you want to get in touch with us, simply email womenswhufans@gmail.com

Allie Coker

Network Lead

Allie (pronouns they/them) is the Network Lead and is happy to help with any questions regarding away travel, membership for WHUWSC, and anything else you may need to know.

When not following West Ham Women, Allie writes and hosts a couple of podcasts, plays cat mum to Millie, and is unsuccessfully trying to play the banjo.

Zoë Vicarage

Network Secretary

Zoë has long been into women’s football and can’t remember a time in her life without it.

Drawn into the project that saw West Ham Women reach the Barclays FA WSL, Zoë is an avid statistician and can often be found engrossed in match data.

More often than not, she’s out of her seat cheering the exploits of West Ham Women’s goalkeeper union.

Jo Bailey

Network Founder

A lifelong hammer, Jo understands the passion and traditions of WHU and has supported WHU women pre- WSL

Jo founded WHUWSC in 2019, when information on the women’s team was scarce. She posted on social media platforms, to help fellow women’s supporters receive relevant information. 

She is also chair of The WHU Women’s Supporters’ Board.